Do you also make homemade tofu? So then for sure you have some Okara left (soy bean fiber) and these donuts are almost as juicy as brownies. So why not to make them?

I made my tofu for the first time, since I still don’t have proper instruments for making tofu, I filtered the soy milk through a sieve with very small holes, so the okara is not as dry as if made through cheese cloth.

Ingredients (4 pcs):
300g okara (wet and muddy – if you have drier, add little bit of water)
100g all purpose flour
60g cocoa powder
120g sugar
4 tsp baking powder (12g)
40g melted butter or coconut oil

How to make it:
1. Mix dry ingredients, then add butter/coconut oil.
2. Form a ball with wet hands, place on baking sheet and push to make a round. Make a hole in the middle.
3. Bake 15-20min, 180°C, until the cocoa smell spreads around your kitchen.

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