I loved this bread since the first try. Probably the perfect amount of wheat and rye flour, sourdough and the whole process makes it so good smelling. No seasoning is needed and that is why it is perfect to everything. The pores are uneven, this is what I love about it too. Who likes especially french baguettes or ciabattas will love this slightly sour tasting bread.



For sourdough (prepare 18-20h before)
65g wheat flour T550 (or all purpose)
80g water
6g sourdough


For the main dough
335g wheat flour T550 (or all purpose)
30g rye wholegrain flour
10g wheat wholegrain flour
210ml water
9g salt


  1. Prepare the sourdough – mix the ingredients well and let sit at room temperature for 18-20h.
  2. Mix all the ingredients except salt. Mix well and let sit for 30min (autolyse).
  3. Add salt and work through 5min on lower level and 8min on higher level. If done with a hand – just until it’s moist, but strong dough, that doesn’t stick to the walls of the bowl.
  4. Let ferment for 1h.
  5. Stretch and fold. You can make it easily with wet hands too.
  6. Let ferment for 2h.
  7. Work through and let rest for 15min.
  8. With a help of flour shape an oval or a “ball” – depends on your proofing basket form.
  9. Let rise in the proofing basket with the seal side up for another 2,5h.
  10. Preheat the oven with a baking tray on 250°C (conventional heating). If you want to bake the bread in a dutch oven, put it in at this moment too.
  11. Place the risen bread on a tray and make a cut (straight line, 1cm deep) on the top of it. Be fast and use a blade or a very, very sharp knife. This is how you control, where the bread opens.
  12. Spill 50ml of water on the bottom of your oven and close it quickly. This is not necessary when baking in dutch oven.
  13. Turn the heat down on 230°C and bake for about 45min until golden brown. When baking in dutch oven, remove the lid after 20min and bake until golden brown.



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