Tempeh, that you will just love


Tempeh is really healthy way processed soy beans, the process is called fermentation. When people try tempeh for the first time, its not usually a pleasant experience. But once, as it sometimes happens in life, a marinade came to my head like a flash. Since then I can’t live without this one. Let yourself fall in love too :)

200g tempeh (marinated or fried)
6 tsp soy sauce
3 tsp sugar (or any sweetener)
3 tsp lemon/lime juice

How to make it:
1. Mix soy sauce, sugar and juice until the sugar dissolves.
2. Cut tempeh in small cubes and roast it on pan with little of oil (also possible without).
3. Put the marinade to the tempeh in the hot pan, mix quickly just for few seconds (so the marinade gets everywhere, but after longer time it would start to burn) and set aside, away from the heat. The tempeh cubes will be nicely covered by the marinade, which becomes little bit thicker than completely liquid.



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