Aka keep it simple. When you need quick, healthy and simple food, it always works to throw it all into a pan or a pot. I skip the amounts in this recipe – all of it is totally on your preferences. Keep the rice/lentils ratio 1:1 and add as much green pea pods as you wish.


basmati rice

red lentils

green pea pods

ghee or olive oil

salt, pepper

How to do it:

Rinse the rice well and add red lentils, salt and pepper. Cook as you would cook the rice only, the lentils have enough time to soften too.

On a pan stir fry the green pea pods, season with salt and pepper and add the cooked rice and lentils. Mix well and done.

Serve with fresh herbs like cilantro or/and parsley. A bit of freshly chopped herbs always gives your dish another kick.