Nước chấm – Traditional Vietnamese Sauce


This is a recipe for traditional Vietnamese sauce which you can find served next to the fried spring rolls Nem Ran, Bun Bo Nam Bo or the very famous Bun Cha and many other dishes.

500ml water
60ml fish sauce
150g brown sugar
60ml lime juice
2-3 chopped garlic cloves
1 fresh chilli
few slices of carrot and daikon (white radish) – optional

How to make it:
1. Add water in a pot, stir in sugar, lime juice, fish sauce and heat up and mix until sugar dissolves. Let cool and then throw in the chopped garlic and chilli.
2. Add slices of carrot and daikon.

Serve with e.g. Spring Rolls (Nem Ran) or Bun Bo noodles.

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