ZWETSCHGENDATSCHI – traditional Bavarian plum cake



Seasonal fruit, a little of sugar and it’s still so tasty. This recipe is one of my favourites.

It’s a traditional Bavarian plum cake called Zwetschgendatschi. You can choose also other fruits depends on your taste or season, the dough fits to almost every kind.



For the dough:
150 ml milk
50 g butter
350 g all purpose flour
1 package dried instant yeast
60 g sugar
1 egg (middle size)

800 g pitted plums

Crumb topping:
100 g all purpose flour
50 g sugar
1 package bourbon vanilla sugar
75 g softened butter


How to do it:

  1. Heat the milk and dissolve butter in it. Mix dried ingredients and then mix everything altogether. Make a smooth dough. Cover and let rise until double.
  2. Cut the plums into quarters so it looks like a moon.
  3. Mix the ingredients for crumb topping and mix with a hand mixer until you have a little balls/crumb. If you don’t have a hand mixer use your hand.
  4. There are two ways how to use the dough – you can roll it out on the whole baking tray OR divide it into 8 balls and then roll out. The dough should be about 0,5cm high.
  5. Place the plums on the dough so it “stands”. It means half of a plum is sitting on it and half is in the air, it should be very rich covered. Let rise for 15min and preheat the oven on 180°C (conventional heat) or 160°C (hot air)
  6. Cover with crumb topping and bake for about 20min in the centre of the oven.

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